• Retirement Planning: Bucket Budget Debunked

    2019-07-01 by

    Spreadsheets Are Programming Too Watching the stock market recover dramatically since the bottom was hit in 2009 when all hopes for not dying at my desk in a windowless office somewhere were dashed, I’m suddenly in a mind to work out how best to budget retirement though it’s still likely ten years or more away.… Read more

  • Commenting Code

    2018-11-05 by

    Bad Advice I’ve encountered a lot of bad advice about commenting code over the decades.  I’ve known developers who insisted that commented code is actually worse than uncommented code because the comments will always be wrong or out-of-date.  But even dated comments give a clue about the original intentions of the code and how subsequent… Read more

  • Writing Builders for Complex Data Structures

    2017-09-04 by

    1 Introduction New objects are usually created by using the “new” operator and possibly passing a number of arguments to the constructor.  But for classes with many properties or with a more complex structure, the number of parameters the constructor needs becomes unwieldy or intractable.  Allocating an uninitialized object and then initializing its properties with… Read more

  • Pragmatic Unit Testing, Part 2

    2017-08-21 by

    4 Integration Testing REST Services Now, we’ll look at using junit to do integration testing of a full REST service.  This will work much like functional tests in that we’ll first test creating resources, then test the rest of the CRUD operations by operating on such created resources.  But first some preliminaries.

  • Pragmatic Unit Testing, Part 1

    2017-08-07 by

    1  Extreme Programming Extremism Dark chocolate is good for you.  It’s good for your heart and may prevent cancer.  But no one should take consumption of dark chocolate to the extreme and eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That wouldn’t just be silly, it would be decidedly unhealthy.  Yet a current fad in software… Read more

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